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2011-12 Calendar of Important Due Dates

  Youth Due Dates
April 1: State Hall of Fame Application deadline January 15: January 1, 2012 youth averages due - emailed
April 1: Delegate Forms in for the State Annual Meeting due February 15: Pepsi entry forms due
June 1: State High Award Forms deadline March 1: Applications for state youth committee due
June 15: Adult and Youth 2012 Final Averages due - emailed March 1: Youth scholarship applications due
July 1: Memorial Listing of Deceased Members - emailed March 15: Youth State Tournament entry forms due
  March 15: March 1 averages due to
  June 1: Applications for State Youth Hall of Fame due
  August 1: State Youth High Awards form due

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2012-13 Calendar of Events

Jamboree - Missoula
Delegate Meeting

September 28 & 30, 2012
September 30, 2012
State Senior Tournament - Bigfork (Entries close last shift) October 5 thru October 21, 2012
State Open Tournament - Butte March 16 thru May 19, 2013
Women's State Tournament - Missoula April 20 thru May 21, 2013
Youth State Tournament - Great Falls April 6 thru April 21, 2013
Youth YBC Tournament - Helena May 3 thru May 5, 2013
Hall of Fame Banquet - Butte May 18, 2013
State Delegate Meeting - Butte May 19, 2013

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Jamboree Pictures

Jamboree 2008

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2012-2013 Directory of Officers & Directors

Mike Evjen

(Even Year Election)
Mike Evjen

Bert Stiles

1st Vice President
(Odd Year Election)
Bert Stiles

Ron Curtiss

2nd Vice President
(Even year Election)
Ron Curtiss

Roz Gallup

Association Manager
Roz Gallup

Teri Hodges

Director District 1
(Even Year Election)
Teri Hodges

Sandy True

Director District 1
(Odd Year Election)
Sandy True
Thompson Falls

Nancy Collick

Director District 2
(Even Year Election)
Nancy Collick

Mary Reuter

Director District 2
(Odd Year Election)
Mary Reuter
Great Falls

Robin Sullivan

Director District 3
(Even Year Election)
Robin Sullivan

Elaine Wilkinson

Director District 3
(Odd Year Election)
Elaine Wilkinson

Don Warner

Director District 4
(Even Year Election)
Don Warner
Miles City

Greg McCannel

Director District 4
(Odd Year Election)
Greg McCannel

Tom Brendgord

Director at Large
(Even Year Election)
Tom Brendgord

Michelle Anderson

Director at Large
(Odd Year Election)
Michelle Anderson

Tamara Hopkins

Youth Director District 1
(Even Year Election)
Tamara Hopkins

Marie Murphy

Youth Director District 2
(Odd Year Election)
Marie Murphy

Tom Simkins

Youth Director District 3
(Even Year Election)
Tom Simkins

Pam Brendgord

Youth Director District 4
(Odd Year Election)
Pam Brendgord

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Committees 2012-2013
Roz and Mike will serve as ex officio members on most committees

Hall of Fame

Ron Curtiss - Chair
Sandy True
Robyn Sullivan
Nancy Collick
Greg McCannel
Tom Simkins
Elaine Wilkinson


Pam Brendgord - Chair
Tom Simkins
Tamara Hopkins
Marie Murphy
Teri Johnson - YBC Director
Debbie Martinich


Roz Gallup - Chair
Pam Brendgord
Bert Stiles
Greg McCannel
Mike Evjen


Elaine Wilkinson - Chair
Sandy True
Teri Hodges
Tamara Hopkins

Don Warner
Tom Brendgord


Don Warner


Tom Simkins - Chair
Nancy Collick
Robin Sullivan
Don Warner
Teri Hodges

Greg McCannel - Chair
Teri Hodges
Mary Reuter
Ron Curtiss


Bert Stiles - Chair
Nancy Collick
Ron Curtiss
Michelle Anderson
Pam Brendgord
Tom Brendgord
Marie Murphy
Roz Gallup
Mike Evjen

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District Map:

State Districts

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Montana Strike Zone - Click here to download most recent issue

Montana Strike Zone Archive
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Sep 2013 Sep 2012 Sep 2011 Sep 2010 Sep 2009 Sep 2008 Sep 2007  
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Forms, Averages & Applications 

Click name to open OR Right click to download
Need a paper form/application? Contact your local association manager or the state association manager
2011-12 Averages updated 9/23/2012
2010-11 Averages updated 9/23/2012
Scholarship Application MBPA
Youth Scholarship Appplication
Local Delegate Report Form Family-of-the-Year Application
Local Association Officer/Assn. Manager Update Youth Hall of Fame Application 
Montana USBC High Award Form Youth Committee Appplication
Youth High Award Form  Hall of Fame Application

 Montana State USBC Association Application Packet 
Deadline for this application is May 1st, 2013

MT USBC State Bylaws
Revised 9-25-2011
Revised 5-25-2010
Revised 3-29-2009
Revised 7-22-2007

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 State Halls of Fame:

Montana USBC Youth Hall Of Fame

Year Name City
1989 Steve Ryan Butte
1990 Kaye Brown Bozeman
1991 Bud Atchison Butte
1991 Shirley Kline Rudyard
1992 Chet Moran Columbus
1992 Naomi Sherlock Columbia Falls
1993 Jeanette Martinich Butte
1993 Anton (Tony) Holzer Billings
1993 Dave Wheat Helena
1994 Guy & Eleanor Connolly Great Falls
1994 Vi Greene Columbia Falls
1995 Susan Lessley Bozeman
1995 Larry Jangula Billings
1996 Harvey L. Pierce Bozeman
1996 Faye Ecklund Kalispell
1999 Jane Ness Miles City
1999 A. Arlene Ayers Fort Benton
2001 Judy Spinler Hingham
2001 Jane Floyd Billings
2001 Irene McClain Great Falls
2002 Gary & Shirley Gerhardt Bozeman
2002 Bob & Mary Orham Great Falls
2003 Vicki Kroll Helena
2005 Merv Gunderson Bozeman
2006 Bert Stiles Broadview
2006 Sandi Rummel Bozeman

Montana USBC Hall Of Fame

Nominated and Elected for Their Outstanding Contribution to the Sport of Bowling - Pioneer Division Was Started in 1999

* Denotes a deceased member - If you see a name that should be updated please contact the chairman of the Hall of Fame committee

By Bowler

Bowler City Year
*Mickey E. Anderson Billings 1994
*Raymond J. Anderson Sr. Helena 1990
Delyal “Bud” Atchison Butte 1996
*Jay Barovich Billings 1987
Max Bauer Sr Missoula 1981
Dave Benefield Libby 2005
*Joe Boggio Billings 1985
Dennis Boggio Billings 1993
*Pat Braithwaite Roundup 1975
Thomas L. Brendgord Billings 1998
Talbert Bryan Great Falls 2001
Helen Bryson Billings 1993
*Helen Rotar Burt Butte 1974
*Mildred Cabbage Great Falls 1980
*Edward A. Campbell Billings 2002
Marian Campbell Helena 2001
*Herb Carlson Anaconda 1979
*Vince Cebuhar Roundup 1975
*John Cebull Roundup 1985
*Stan Cebull Roundup 1981
Peggy Cloninger Helena 1998
Ken Colbo Deer Lodge 1985
*Charles Collier Havre 1978
Les Comer Bozeman 2007
Guy Connolly Great Falls 1989
William S. “Bill” Cooper Manhattan 1997
*Bernice Cordier Columbia Falls 1983
Delmar Cross Billings 1983
Jane Crowder Billings 2008
*Isabel Cummings Great Falls 1975
*Martin Cummings Helena 1972
*Rufus Davidson Anaconda 1978
William L. Davis Bozeman 2000
*Ernie Dazzie Butte 1972
*Jack DeYoung Helena 1976
Char Carr Diaz Great Falls 1994
Roy Diaz Great Falls 2004
*William L. Dixson Butte 1994
*Rudy J. Domitrovich Anaconda 1982
*Matt Dosen Butte 1970
Anne Duchame Missoula 1982
Shirley Durran Great Falls 1983
*Alma Dyer Billings 1992
*James C. Edwards Billings 1977
*Deloris Effinger Kalispell 1976
Kristen Egan Great Falls 1997
Dorothy Egolf Bozeman 1989
Marlon H. Engberg Billings 1998
Debbie (Langely) Evans Missoula 1995
Dixie Evans Great Falls 1992
*Bill Fahrman Great Falls 1982
*Harry Finberg Butte 1971
Dan Fix Missoula 1980
Gordon J. Fix Missoula 1996
*Ruth Fraser Missoula 1974
Pete Fritz Missoula 1986
Vern Gallagher Kalispell 1983
Roz Gallup Billings 2006
*Gary Garden Helena 1993
*Gary Gerhardt Bozeman 2007
*J.J. “Jack” Gillen Red Lodge 1990
*Martha Gookin Hardin 1979
Dee Dee Grant Big Fork 1987
*Vi Greene Columbia Falls 1978
Chloe Grimm Butte 1981
Mervin G. Gunderson Bozeman 1997
Scotty A. Gunderson Billings 1998
John Hall Butte 2000
*Hazel Hardin Hardin 1983
*Jack Harrington Billing 1988
*Wally Harrity Anaconda 1981
*Duke Helehan Butte 1975
Vickie Hemstad Great Falls 1993
Pedro R. Hernandez Billings 2000
Deni Hershberger Plains 1982
Leland Hodges Bigfork 2000
*Anton J. “Tony” Holzer Billings 1992
*Carl Horn Miles City 1987
*Donald D. Horn Bozeman 1990
*Herbert P. Hruska {Pioneer} Bozeman 2000
Carol Huggins Missoula 1978
*Vince Hummel Billings 1985
Raymond C. Jackson Billings 1996
*Larry Jangula Sr. Billings 1984
Frankie Jansma Laurel 2008
*Clarence W. Jensen Bozeman 1996
*Jim Jensen {Pioneer} Roundup 2002
* John Willey Great Falls 1988
*Frank Johns {Pioneer} Butte 2006
*Wilber R. Johnson Anaconda 1997
Cliff Johnson Anaconda 2003
Helen Johnson Billings 1999
Larry Johnson Helena 1981
*Harold Jones {Pioneer} Billings 2005
*Irv Joos Miles City 1986
Don Jordan Great Falls 2006
*John Shuster Jurish Sr. {Pioneer} Anaconda 2004
Izzy Kadrmas Livingston 2006
*Bernard M. Kennedy Billings 1976
Jim Kernaghan Great Falls 2005
*Gene Kingcade Missoula 1980
Kay Kinzinger Great Falls 1991
*Dutch Kistler Butte 1971
Shirley Kline Rudyard 1987
Ronald C. Knuckey Butte 2002
*William J. Koski Billings 1980
Harry Kugler Ronan 1988
*Els Lampman Helena 1972
Ken Larson Great Falls 2004
Bob Laughlin Anaconda 1994
Lavonne Lawien Miles City 1986
*Helen Leach Laurel 1979
*Dick Leary Butte 1983
Bert Lee Miles City 2002
Myron Lehnen Billings 2003
Russel Leland Belt 1995
*Tom Lewis Sr. Butte 1982
Fred Lind Roundup 1986
*Betty Lou Lindstrom Helena 1979
*George Lonne Billings 1973
Virginia Lovhaug Thompson Falls 1993
Steve Lyczewski Great Falls 2003
*Lorraine Lyons Butte 1994
Fawn Lyons Butte 1999
James Milo Manning Anaconda 1999
*Bronco Manovich Butte 1971
Edward G. Markovich Butte 1991
*Mary Marron Helena 1988
Frank R. Martincih Butte 1988
*Mathew F. Martinich Butte 1976
*Henry “Murf” Martinson Bozeman 1992
Fred Mattson Sr. Billings 1978
Willie McGee Great Falls 1997
*Darrell J. McGillen Laurel 1984
*William McKenzie Billings 1977
William Meagor Butte 1991
A.N. “Andy” Medvec Great Falls 1991
*Eleanor Meeks Fort Benton 1980
*John L. Mehl Billings 1977
Linda Milender Polson 1994
*Joe Miller Butte 1971
*Jess Monger {Pioneer} Roundup 2007
*Hughie J. Moore Great Falls 1993
Bev Moore Helena 2004
*Chet F. Moran {Pioneer} Columbus 1999
L.W. “Windy" Morgan Columbus 1970
*William Morrison Missoula 1977
Ted Moulton Missoula 1999
*Charles Mudro Butte 1971
*Felix Mudro Butte 1975
*Joe Mudro Butte 1971
George L. Mudro Butte 1995
Sharon Munsinger Malta 2003
Joe J. Muretta Great Falls 1997
Wayne Muri Miles City 1998
*Joe Navasio Billings 1973
*Peter R. Nelson Billings 1978
*Jane Ness Miles City 1996
*Ned Newton Dillon 1982
*Al Olsen Billings 1987
*Stan Olson Great Falls 1974
William Olson Helena 1984
Georgia Otten Kalispell 1982
Beanie Parke Butte 1992
Rick Perry Kalispell 1997
Fred Phippen {Pioneer} Butte 2003
*Harvey L. Pierce Bozeman 1987
Joe Pirami Billings 2008
*John Pochervina Butte 1987
*Al Polich Roundup 1979
Edward J. Popp Billings 1992
Mary Porter Missoula 1997
Frank Pratt Billings 2004
*Martin R. Vigen Great Falls 1993
*Vi Rasmusson Baker 1979
David Rawden Billings 1998
Julie Redfern Billings 2004
*Ervin A. Remmick Billings 1993
*J.O. “Lefty” Roberts Billings 1973
*James W. Roberts Libby 2002
*Ralph Roberts Libby 1975
William J. Roberts Butte 1990
Timothy J. Rooney Libby 1997
*Glenn L. Rose Great Falls 1989
*Jack Rosenberg Sr. {Pioneer} Butte 2001
Darlene Ruane Great Falls 1991
*Steve Ryan Butte 1980
*Tom Ryan Butte 1979
*Bea Knerr Samson Lewistown 1975
*Chris Schiavon Billings 1982
*Tom Schiavon Billings 1976
*George Schneider Helena 1987
*George Schulte Butte 1986
Robert “Bob” Schulte Butte 1995
Jack Schulte (Pioneer) Anaconda 2008
*W.C. “Curly” Scott Billings 1973
*H. Homer Seibert Roman 1992
*Marion A Sepich Great Falls 1974
Harry L. Shaffer Butte 2006
Robert Shaw Whitehall 2007
*Claude V. Shearer Polson 1991
Naomi Sherlock Bozeman 1987
Lynn Shulund Hamilton 1994
Patricia Brown Simmons Billings 2000
*Edo Simonich Butte 1984
Bruce Steffani Great Falls 2004
Albert O. “Bert” Stiles Billings 1995
Duane Strohmayer Miles City 2001
Edwin A. Strommen Anaconda 1989
*Ed Sutor Havre 1970
*Elmer Swanson Anaconda 1984
*Rudy Swanson Anaconda 1972
John Tognetti Lewistown 1991
*James Torma Bozeman 1988
*William Toy Sr. Great Falls 1978
*Earl Tucker Helena 1979
*At Tuss Great Falls 1974
*August Tuss Great Falls 1974
*Walter Tuss Great Falls 1994
*Steve Ugrin Anaconda 1970
Kermit A. Ulstad Anaconda 1996
*Melvin Ulstead Anaconda 1979
*Vernie Ulstead Anaconda 1980
*Manya “Blackie” Uzlic Butte 1990
Gregory F. Waldon Manhattan 2005
*Kathleen Walford Missoula 1981
Laurel Walker Rudyard 2004
Guy Wall Dillon 2003
*William Wallis Deer Lodge 1973
Larry Walter Helena 1972
*Harold Warren Missoula 1977
Jim Watkins Dillon 1998
*Glenn W. Weidler Billings 1999
Skip Weishaar Missoula 1989
*Miles E. Welker Shelby 1995
*Frank L. Wiley Laurel/Billings 1989
Mel Willey Great Falls 2006
Dale Witzel Deer Lodge 1974
*Joe Worthington Billings 1986
*Ray Wyman Billings 1976
Nilda Zacher Anaconda 1996
Val Ziegler Missoula 1991
*Ruth Zimney Great Falls 1981

By City

City Bowler Year
Anaconda *Herb Carlson 1979
Anaconda *Rufus Davidson 1978
Anaconda *Rudy J. Domitrovich 1982
Anaconda *Wally Harrity 1981
Anaconda *Wilber R. Johnson 1997
Anaconda Cliff Johnson 2003
Anaconda *John Shuster Jurish Sr. {Pioneer} 2004
Anaconda Bob Laughlin 1994
Anaconda James Milo Manning 1999
Anaconda Jack Schulte (Pioneer) 2008
Anaconda Edwin A. Strommen 1989
Anaconda *Elmer Swanson 1984
Anaconda *Rudy Swanson 1972
Anaconda *Steve Ugrin 1970
Anaconda Kermit A. Ulstad 1996
Anaconda *Melvin Ulstead 1979
Anaconda *Vernie Ulstead 1980
Anaconda Nilda Zacher 1996
Baker *Vi Rasmusson 1979
Belt Russel Leland 1995
Big Fork Dee Dee Grant 1987
Bigfork Leland Hodges 2000
Billing *Jack Harrington 1988
Billings *Mickey E. Anderson 1994
Billings *Jay Barovich 1987
Billings *Joe Boggio 1985
Billings Dennis Boggio 1993
Billings Thomas L. Brendgord 1998
Billings Helen Bryson 1993
Billings *Edward A. Campbell 2002
Billings Delmar Cross 1983
Billings Jane Crowder 2008
Billings *Alma Dyer 1992
Billings *James C. Edwards 1977
Billings Marlon H. Engberg 1998
Billings Roz Gallup 2006
Billings Scotty A. Gunderson 1998
Billings Pedro R. Hernandez 2000
Billings *Anton J. “Tony” Holzer 1992
Billings *Vince Hummel 1985
Billings Raymond C. Jackson 1996
Billings Helen Johnson 1999
Billings *Harold Jones {Pioneer} 2005
Billings *Bernard M. Kennedy 1976
Billings *William J. Koski 1980
Billings Myron Lehnen 2003
Billings *George Lonne 1973
Billings Fred Mattson Sr. 1978
Billings *William McKenzie 1977
Billings *John L. Mehl 1977
Billings *Joe Navasio 1973
Billings *Peter R. Nelson 1978
Billings *Al Olsen 1987
Billings Joe Pirami 2008
Billings Edward J. Popp 1992
Billings David Rawden 1998
Billings Julie Redfern 2004
Billings *Ervin A. Remmick 1993
Billings *Chris Schiavon 1982
Billings *Tom Schiavon 1976
Billings *W.C. “Curly” Scott 1973
Billings Patricia Brown Simmons 2000
Billings Albert O. “Bert” Stiles 1995
Billings *Glenn W. Weidler 1999
Billings *Joe Worthington 1986
Billings *Ray Wyman 1976
Billings *Larry Jangula Sr. 1984
Billings *J.O. “Lefty” Roberts 1973
Billings Frank Pratt 2004
Bozeman Les Comer 2007
Bozeman Dorothy Egolf 1989
Bozeman *Gary Gerhardt 2007
Bozeman Mervin G. Gunderson 1997
Bozeman *Donald D. Horn 1990
Bozeman *Herbert P. Hruska {Pioneer} 2000
Bozeman *Clarence W. Jensen 1996
Bozeman *Henry “Murf” Martinson 1992
Bozeman *Harvey L. Pierce 1987
Bozeman Naomi Sherlock 1987
Bozeman *James Torma 1988
Bozeman William L. Davis 2000
Butte Delyal “Bud” Atchison 1996
Butte *Helen Rotar Burt 1974
Butte *Ernie Dazzie 1972
Butte *William L. Dixson 1994
Butte *Matt Dosen 1970
Butte *Harry Finberg 1971
Butte Chloe Grimm 1981
Butte John Hall 2000
Butte *Duke Helehan 1975
Butte *Frank Johns {Pioneer} 2006
Butte *Dutch Kistler 1971
Butte Ronald C. Knuckey 2002
Butte *Dick Leary 1983
Butte *Tom Lewis Sr. 1982
Butte *Lorraine Lyons 1994
Butte Fawn Lyons 1999
Butte *Bronco Manovich 1971
Butte Frank R. Martincih 1988
Butte *Mathew F. Martinich 1976
Butte William Meagor 1991
Butte *Joe Miller 1971
Butte *Charles Mudro 1971
Butte *Felix Mudro 1975
Butte *Joe Mudro 1971
Butte George L. Mudro 1995
Butte Beanie Parke 1992
Butte *John Pochervina 1987
Butte William J. Roberts 1990
Butte *Jack Rosenberg Sr. {Pioneer} 2001
Butte *Steve Ryan 1980
Butte *Tom Ryan 1979
Butte *George Schulte 1986
Butte Harry L. Shaffer 2006
Butte *Edo Simonich 1984
Butte *Manya “Blackie” Uzlic 1990
Butte Edward G. Markovich 1991
Butte Fred Phippen {Pioneer} 2003
Butte Robert “Bob” Schulte 1995
Columbia Falls *Bernice Cordier 1983
Columbia Falls *Vi Greene 1978
Columbus *Chet F. Moran {Pioneer} 1999
Columbus L.W. “Windy" Morgan 1970
Deer Lodge Ken Colbo 1985
Deer Lodge *William Wallis 1973
Deer Lodge Dale Witzel 1974
Dillon *Ned Newton 1982
Dillon Guy Wall 2003
Dillon Jim Watkins 1998
Fort Benton *Eleanor Meeks 1980
Great Falls Talbert Bryan 2001
Great Falls *Mildred Cabbage 1980
Great Falls Guy Connolly 1989
Great Falls *Isabel Cummings 1975
Great Falls Char Carr Diaz 1994
Great Falls Roy Diaz 2004
Great Falls Shirley Durran 1983
Great Falls Kristen Egan 1997
Great Falls Dixie Evans 1992
Great Falls *Bill Fahrman 1982
Great Falls Vickie Hemstad 1993
Great Falls * John Willey 1988
Great Falls Don Jordan 2006
Great Falls Jim Kernaghan 2005
Great Falls Kay Kinzinger 1991
Great Falls Ken Larson 2004
Great Falls Steve Lyczewski 2003
Great Falls Willie McGee 1997
Great Falls A.N. “Andy” Medvec 1991
Great Falls *Hughie J. Moore 1993
Great Falls Joe J. Muretta 1997
Great Falls *Stan Olson 1974
Great Falls *Martin R. Vigen 1993
Great Falls *Glenn L. Rose 1989
Great Falls Darlene Ruane 1991
Great Falls *Marion A Sepich 1974
Great Falls Bruce Steffani 2004
Great Falls *William Toy Sr. 1978
Great Falls *At Tuss 1974
Great Falls *August Tuss 1974
Great Falls *Walter Tuss 1994
Great Falls Mel Willey 2006
Great Falls *Ruth Zimney 1981
Hamilton Lynn Shulund 1994
Hardin *Martha Gookin 1979
Hardin *Hazel Hardin 1983
Havre *Charles Collier 1978
Havre *Ed Sutor 1970
Helena *Raymond J. Anderson Sr. 1990
Helena Marian Campbell 2001
Helena Peggy Cloninger 1998
Helena *Martin Cummings 1972
Helena *Jack DeYoung 1976
Helena *Gary Garden 1993
Helena Larry Johnson 1981
Helena *Els Lampman 1972
Helena *Betty Lou Lindstrom 1979
Helena *Mary Marron 1988
Helena Bev Moore 2004
Helena William Olson 1984
Helena *George Schneider 1987
Helena *Earl Tucker 1979
Helena Larry Walter 1972
Kalispell *Deloris Effinger 1976
Kalispell Vern Gallagher 1983
Kalispell Georgia Otten 1982
Kalispell Rick Perry 1997
Laurel Frankie Jansma 2008
Laurel *Helen Leach 1979
Laurel *Darrell J. McGillen 1984
Laurel/Billings *Frank L. Wiley 1989
Lewistown *Bea Knerr Samson 1975
Lewistown John Tognetti 1991
Libby Dave Benefield 2005
Libby *James W. Roberts 2002
Libby *Ralph Roberts 1975
Libby Timothy J. Rooney 1997
Livingston Izzy Kadrmas 2006
Malta Sharon Munsinger 2003
Manhattan William S. “Bill” Cooper 1997
Manhattan Gregory F. Waldon 2005
Miles City *Irv Joos 1986
Miles City Lavonne Lawien 1986
Miles City *Jane Ness 1996
Miles City Wayne Muri 1998
Miles City *Carl Horn 1987
Miles City Bert Lee 2002
Miles City Duane Strohmayer 2001
Missoula Max Bauer Sr 1981
Missoula Anne Duchame 1982
Missoula Debbie (Langely) Evans 1995
Missoula Dan Fix 1980
Missoula Gordon J. Fix 1996
Missoula *Ruth Fraser 1974
Missoula Pete Fritz 1986
Missoula Carol Huggins 1978
Missoula *Gene Kingcade 1980
Missoula *William Morrison 1977
Missoula Ted Moulton 1999
Missoula Mary Porter 1997
Missoula *Kathleen Walford 1981
Missoula *Harold Warren 1977
Missoula Skip Weishaar 1989
Missoula Val Ziegler 1991
Plains Deni Hershberger 1982
Polson Linda Milender 1994
Polson *Claude V. Shearer 1991
Red Lodge *J.J. “Jack” Gillen 1990
Roman *H. Homer Seibert 1992
Ronan Harry Kugler 1988
Roundup *Pat Braithwaite 1975
Roundup *Vince Cebuhar 1975
Roundup *John Cebull 1985
Roundup *Stan Cebull 1981
Roundup *Jim Jensen {Pioneer} 2002
Roundup Fred Lind 1986
Roundup *Jess Monger {Pioneer} 2007
Roundup *Al Polich 1979
Rudyard Shirley Kline 1987
Rudyard Laurel Walker 2004
Shelby *Miles E. Welker 1995
Thompson Falls Virginia Lovhaug 1993
Whitehall Robert Shaw 2007

By Year

Year Bowler City
2008 Jane Crowder Billings
2008 Frankie Jansma Laurel
2008 Joe Pirami Billings
2008 Jack Schulte (Pioneer) Anaconda
2007 Les Comer Bozeman
2007 *Gary Gerhardt Bozeman
2007 *Jess Monger {Pioneer} Roundup
2007 Robert Shaw Whitehall
2006 Roz Gallup Billings
2006 *Frank Johns {Pioneer} Butte
2006 Don Jordan Great Falls
2006 Izzy Kadrmas Livingston
2006 Harry L. Shaffer Butte
2006 Mel Willey Great Falls
2005 Dave Benefield Libby
2005 *Harold Jones {Pioneer} Billings
2005 Jim Kernaghan Great Falls
2005 Gregory F. Waldon Manhattan
2004 Roy Diaz Great Falls
2004 *John Shuster Jurish Sr. {Pioneer} Anaconda
2004 Ken Larson Great Falls
2004 Bev Moore Helena
2004 Frank Pratt Billings
2004 Julie Redfern Billings
2004 Bruce Steffani Great Falls
2004 Laurel Walker Rudyard
2003 Cliff Johnson Anaconda
2003 Myron Lehnen Billings
2003 Steve Lyczewski Great Falls
2003 Sharon Munsinger Malta
2003 Fred Phippen {Pioneer} Butte
2003 Guy Wall Dillon
2002 *Edward A. Campbell Billings
2002 *Jim Jensen {Pioneer} Roundup
2002 Ronald C. Knuckey Butte
2002 Bert Lee Miles City
2002 *James W. Roberts Libby
2001 Talbert Bryan Great Falls
2001 Marian Campbell Helena
2001 *Jack Rosenberg Sr. {Pioneer} Butte
2001 Duane Strohmayer Miles City
2000 William L. Davis Bozeman
2000 John Hall Butte
2000 Pedro R. Hernandez Billings
2000 Leland Hodges Bigfork
2000 *Herbert P. Hruska {Pioneer} Bozeman
2000 Patricia Brown Simmons Billings
1999 Helen Johnson Billings
1999 Fawn Lyons Butte
1999 James Milo Manning Anaconda
1999 *Chet F. Moran {Pioneer} Columbus
1999 Ted Moulton Missoula
1999 *Glenn W. Weidler Billings
1998 Thomas L. Brendgord Billings
1998 Peggy Cloninger Helena
1998 Marlon H. Engberg Billings
1998 Scotty A. Gunderson Billings
1998 Wayne Muri Miles City
1998 David Rawden Billings
1998 Jim Watkins Dillon
1997 William S. “Bill” Cooper Manhattan
1997 Kristen Egan Great Falls
1997 Mervin G. Gunderson Bozeman
1997 *Wilber R. Johnson Anaconda
1997 Willie McGee Great Falls
1997 Joe J. Muretta Great Falls
1997 Rick Perry Kalispell
1997 Mary Porter Missoula
1997 Timothy J. Rooney Libby
1996 Delyal “Bud” Atchison Butte
1996 Gordon J. Fix Missoula
1996 Raymond C. Jackson Billings
1996 *Clarence W. Jensen Bozeman
1996 *Jane Ness Miles City
1996 Kermit A. Ulstad Anaconda
1996 Nilda Zacher Anaconda
1995 Debbie (Langely) Evans Missoula
1995 Russel Leland Belt
1995 George L. Mudro Butte
1995 Robert “Bob” Schulte Butte
1995 Albert O. “Bert” Stiles Billings
1995 *Miles E. Welker Shelby
1994 *Mickey E. Anderson Billings
1994 Char Carr Diaz Great Falls
1994 *William L. Dixson Butte
1994 Bob Laughlin Anaconda
1994 *Lorraine Lyons Butte
1994 Linda Milender Polson
1994 Lynn Shulund Hamilton
1994 *Walter Tuss Great Falls
1993 Dennis Boggio Billings
1993 Helen Bryson Billings
1993 *Gary Garden Helena
1993 Vickie Hemstad Great Falls
1993 Virginia Lovhaug Thompson Falls
1993 *Hughie J. Moore Great Falls
1993 *Martin R. Vigen Great Falls
1993 *Ervin A. Remmick Billings
1992 *Alma Dyer Billings
1992 Dixie Evans Great Falls
1992 *Anton J. “Tony” Holzer Billings
1992 *Henry “Murf” Martinson Bozeman
1992 Beanie Parke Butte
1992 Edward J. Popp Billings
1992 *H. Homer Seibert Roman
1991 Kay Kinzinger Great Falls
1991 Edward G. Markovich Butte
1991 William Meagor Butte
1991 A.N. “Andy” Medvec Great Falls
1991 Darlene Ruane Great Falls
1991 *Claude V. Shearer Polson
1991 John Tognetti Lewistown
1991 Val Ziegler Missoula
1990 *Raymond J. Anderson Sr. Helena
1990 *J.J. “Jack” Gillen Red Lodge
1990 *Donald D. Horn Bozeman
1990 William J. Roberts Butte
1990 *Manya “Blackie” Uzlic Butte
1989 Guy Connolly Great Falls
1989 Dorothy Egolf Bozeman
1989 *Glenn L. Rose Great Falls
1989 Edwin A. Strommen Anaconda
1989 Skip Weishaar Missoula
1989 *Frank L. Wiley Laurel/Billings
1988 *Jack Harrington Billing
1988 * John Willey Great Falls
1988 Harry Kugler Ronan
1988 *Mary Marron Helena
1988 Frank R. Martincih Butte
1988 *James Torma Bozeman
1987 *Jay Barovich Billings
1987 Dee Dee Grant Big Fork
1987 *Carl Horn Miles City
1987 Shirley Kline Rudyard
1987 *Al Olsen Billings
1987 *Harvey L. Pierce Bozeman
1987 *John Pochervina Butte
1987 *George Schneider Helena
1987 Naomi Sherlock Bozeman
1986 Pete Fritz Missoula
1986 *Irv Joos Miles City
1986 Lavonne Lawien Miles City
1986 Fred Lind Roundup
1986 *George Schulte Butte
1986 *Joe Worthington Billings
1985 *Joe Boggio Billings
1985 *John Cebull Roundup
1985 Ken Colbo Deer Lodge
1985 *Vince Hummel Billings
1984 *Larry Jangula Sr. Billings
1984 *Darrell J. McGillen Laurel
1984 William Olson Helena
1984 *Edo Simonich Butte
1984 *Elmer Swanson Anaconda
1983 *Bernice Cordier Columbia Falls
1983 Delmar Cross Billings
1983 Shirley Durran Great Falls
1983 Vern Gallagher Kalispell
1983 *Hazel Hardin Hardin
1983 *Dick Leary Butte
1982 *Rudy J. Domitrovich Anaconda
1982 Anne Duchame Missoula
1982 *Bill Fahrman Great Falls
1982 Deni Hershberger Plains
1982 *Tom Lewis Sr. Butte
1982 *Ned Newton Dillon
1982 Georgia Otten Kalispell
1982 *Chris Schiavon Billings
1981 Max Bauer Sr Missoula
1981 *Stan Cebull Roundup
1981 Chloe Grimm Butte
1981 *Wally Harrity Anaconda
1981 Larry Johnson Helena
1981 *Kathleen Walford Missoula
1981 *Ruth Zimney Great Falls
1980 *Mildred Cabbage Great Falls
1980 Dan Fix Missoula
1980 *Gene Kingcade Missoula
1980 *William J. Koski Billings
1980 *Eleanor Meeks Fort Benton
1980 *Steve Ryan Butte
1980 *Vernie Ulstead Anaconda
1979 *Herb Carlson Anaconda
1979 *Martha Gookin Hardin
1979 *Helen Leach Laurel
1979 *Betty Lou Lindstrom Helena
1979 *Al Polich Roundup
1979 *Vi Rasmusson Baker
1979 *Tom Ryan Butte
1979 *Earl Tucker Helena
1979 *Melvin Ulstead Anaconda
1978 *Charles Collier Havre
1978 *Rufus Davidson Anaconda
1978 *Vi Greene Columbia Falls
1978 Carol Huggins Missoula
1978 Fred Mattson Sr. Billings
1978 *Peter R. Nelson Billings
1978 *William Toy Sr. Great Falls
1977 *James C. Edwards Billings
1977 *William McKenzie Billings
1977 *John L. Mehl Billings
1977 *William Morrison Missoula
1977 *Harold Warren Missoula
1976 *Jack DeYoung Helena
1976 *Deloris Effinger Kalispell
1976 *Bernard M. Kennedy Billings
1976 *Mathew F. Martinich Butte
1976 *Tom Schiavon Billings
1976 *Ray Wyman Billings
1975 *Pat Braithwaite Roundup
1975 *Vince Cebuhar Roundup
1975 *Isabel Cummings Great Falls
1975 *Duke Helehan Butte
1975 *Felix Mudro Butte
1975 *Ralph Roberts Libby
1975 *Bea Knerr Samson Lewistown
1974 *Helen Rotar Burt Butte
1974 *Ruth Fraser Missoula
1974 *Stan Olson Great Falls
1974 *Marion A Sepich Great Falls
1974 *At Tuss Great Falls
1974 *August Tuss Great Falls
1974 Dale Witzel Deer Lodge
1973 *George Lonne Billings
1973 *Joe Navasio Billings
1973 *J.O. “Lefty” Roberts Billings
1973 *W.C. “Curly” Scott Billings
1973 *William Wallis Deer Lodge
1972 *Martin Cummings Helena
1972 *Ernie Dazzie Butte
1972 *Els Lampman Helena
1972 *Rudy Swanson Anaconda
1972 Larry Walter Helena
1971 *Harry Finberg Butte
1971 *Dutch Kistler Butte
1971 *Bronco Manovich Butte
1971 *Joe Miller Butte
1971 *Charles Mudro Butte
1971 *Joe Mudro Butte
1970 *Matt Dosen Butte
1970 L.W. “Windy" Morgan Columbus
1970 *Ed Sutor Havre
1970 *Steve Ugrin Anaconda

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Updated 9/26/2009
Email updates to Roz Gallup
Year Association Bowler
2008-09 Anaconda USBC Woody Casey
2008-09 Anaconda USBC Ruby Latray
2008-09 Butte USBC Ernie Burby
2008-09 Butte USBC Samuel S Cantwell
2008-09 Butte USBC Elizabeth J Carey
2008-09 Butte USBC Bob Carver
2008-09 Butte USBC Robert P Conklin
2008-09 Butte USBC William E Cragwick
2008-09 Butte USBC Charliene Hoy
2008-09 Butte USBC Jamie L Pahuratana
2008-09 Butte USBC Helmer E Lasell
2008-09 Butte USBC William R McCarthy
2008-09 Butte USBC Joey Richards
2008-09 Butte USBC Walter A Richter
2008-09 Butte USBC Mark Standall
2008-09 Butte USBC Kerry L Sweet
2008-09 Butte USBC Kenneth Venner
2008-09 Butte USBC Teri Wilson
2008-09 Dillon USBC Lester (Barney) Lawton
2008-09 Gallatin USBC Richard J Baker
2008-09 Gallatin USBC Clarence W Jensen
2008-09 Gallatin USBC Rick Kober
2008-09 Gallatin USBC Ronald R Portnell
2008-09 Gallatin USBC Clifford R Sanden
2008-09 Gallatin USBC Ruth E Stucky
2008-09 Gallatin USBC Doug VanDyken
2008-09 Gallatin USBC Frank Ypma
2008-09 Glacier County USBC Frank Anton
2008-09 Glacier County USBC Mary Jane Belgard
2008-09 Glacier County USBC Shane Borg
2008-09 Glacier County USBC Betty Dean
2008-09 Glacier County USBC Mike Elhard
2008-09 Glacier County USBC Connie Fugle
2008-09 Glacier County USBC Martha McAdam
2008-09 Glacier County USBC Oren Mitchell
2008-09 Glacier County USBC Arnold Omsberg
2008-09 Glacier County USBC John Omsberg
2008-09 Glacier County USBC Lorraine Seymour
2008-09 Glacier County USBC Gudrun Smith
2008-09 GYV USBC Mary Allaman
2008-09 GYV USBC Ralph Edward Brown
2008-09 GYV USBC Wanda Flanagan
2008-09 GYV USBC Roberta “Jeanne” Greeley
2008-09 GYV USBC Regina Mary Jacobs
2008-09 GYV USBC Vernon A Kline
2008-09 GYV USBC Roderick Brugess MacLeod
2008-09 GYV USBC Lucille Massick
2008-09 GYV USBC Dick Mercer
2008-09 GYV USBC Alice Marie Michotte
2008-09 GYV USBC Leah Bertha “Penny” Randall
2008-09 GYV USBC Mary Rawden
2008-09 GYV USBC Stanley Teachout
2008-09 Helena USBC Bob Byrd
2008-09 Helena USBC Brenda Jean St. Clair
2008-09 Helena USBC Doris D Crider
2008-09 Helena USBC Burnette "Cookie" Kuchenbrod
2008-09 Helena USBC Palma "Pal" (Stackhouse) Cumming McGregor
2008-09 Helena USBC Barb O'Neill
2008-09 Helena USBC Betty Marie Duffy Shepherd
2008-09 Helena USBC Betty Wheeler
2008-09 Libby/Troy USBC Jim R Morley
2008-09 Libby/Troy USBC Robert R Barnes
2008-09 Libby/Troy USBC Francis Prowse
2008-09 Libby/Troy USBC Ralph Swimley
2008-09 Libby/Troy USBC Sheila Kenalty
2008-09 Mission Valley USBC Esther Bauer
2008-09 Mission Valley USBC Dale Edward Carey
2008-09 Mission Valley USBC Dorrene Darlington
2008-09 Mission Valley USBC Ron Foster
2008-09 Mission Valley USBC Gordon Francis Hunter
2008-09 Mission Valley USBC Angeline Ann Trollope Read
2008-09 Mission Valley USBC Phil Schmitz
2008-09 Mission Valley USBC Emelie Jean Brown Williams
2008-09 Missoula USBC Darlene Adler
2008-09 Missoula USBC Robert Barrett
2008-09 Missoula USBC Paul Clifford
2008-09 Missoula USBC Dave Cramm
2008-09 Missoula USBC Margaret "Peggy" Drake
2008-09 Missoula USBC Ella Fisher
2008-09 Missoula USBC Clarence Van Fossen
2008-09 Missoula USBC Eloise Gibson
2008-09 Missoula USBC Orville Good
2008-09 Missoula USBC Barbara Herz
2008-09 Missoula USBC Gordon Verworn
2008-09 Missoula USBC Emory C Wamsley
2008-09 Missoula USBC Grant "Scott" Westphal
2008-09 Thompson Falls USBC George Kalafatich
2008-09 Thompson Falls USBC Julie Nichols
2008-09 Thompson Falls USBC Ed Reibsome
2008-09 Whitehall USBC K C Hill
2007-08 Butte USBC Farrel Crook
2007-08 Butte USBC Ed J Hanley
2007-08 Butte USBC Mariah McCarthy
2007-08 Butte USBC Beanie Parke
2007-08 Butte USBC William J Roberts
2007-08 Fort Benton USBC Jean Albers
2007-08 Fort Benton USBC Agnes Harris Dundas
2007-08 Fort Benton USBC Violet Grossman
2007-08 Fort Benton USBC Marion Handford
2007-08 Fort Benton USBC Bernice Highfill
2007-08 Fort Benton USBC Helen Jacobson
2007-08 Fort Benton USBC Irma Larson
2007-08 Fort Benton USBC Rose Miller
2007-08 Fort Benton USBC Pat Morrow
2007-08 Fort Benton USBC Dorothy Nelson
2007-08 Fort Benton USBC Phyllis Blohm Watters
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Donna F. Brainard
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Hazel K. Davis
2007-08 Gallatin USBC James D. DeLaurier
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Clara K. DeShaw
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Irma W. Fritts
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Sam Harvey
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Carol Lee Heidecker
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Helen L. Heier
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Maude W. Hersey
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Lloyd V. Justice
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Phyllis S. Klatt
2007-08 Gallatin USBC William D. (Bill) Miller, Jr.
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Pamela A. (Hruska) Phillips
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Eldon VanDyken
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Patricia L. Williams
2007-08 Gallatin USBC Leo N. Ziegler
2007-08 Glacier County USBC Harold Hale
2007-08 Mission Valley USBC Patricia Darline Andersen
2007-08 Mission Valley USBC Sandra Diane Hove
2007-08 Thompson Falls USBC Pegi A Lakey
2007-08 Thompson Falls USBC John L Morbella
2007-08 Thompson Falls USBC Merna Reeser
2006-07 Butte USBC Paul J Giacomino
2006-07 Butte USBC Edna P Meadow
2006-07 Butte USBC Gert Stodden
2006-07 Glacier County USBC Erma Anderson
2005-06 Butte USBC Ed Vigurs
2005-06 Thompson Falls USBC Charlie MacMillan
2005-06 Thompson Falls USBC Mary A Pavola
2004-05 Butte USBC Mary S White
2004-05 Thompson Falls USBC Richard A Reichert
2004-05 Thompson Falls USBC Norman L Williams
2003-04 Butte USBC Lewis J Guidoni
2003-04 Thompson Falls USBC Catherine R Bales
2003-04 Thompson Falls USBC Beryl L Hoff
2003-04 Thompson Falls USBC Paul K Workman
2002-03 Butte USBC Ron H Welsh
2001-02 Butte USBC John S Richards
2001-02 Thompson Falls USBC Bill Reeser
1999-00 Butte USBC Stan Younce
1997-98 Butte USBC Chick Sanders
1994-95 Butte USBC Harry L Shaffer


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Montana USBC Board

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Back row left to right - Bert Stiles, Fred Sadler, Robert Shaw, Ron Curtiss, Greg McCannel, Guy Rolison, Tom Brendgord, Front row left to right - Colleen Talbott, Shelly Ellis, Sandy True, Jane Crowder, Elaine Wilkinson, Carol Flammond, Robyn Barker, Laurel Walker, Jo Laughlin. Not pictured: Pam Brendgord

Note: The above mentioned picture and names reflect the original board members of the first-ever Montana USBC Board of Directors elected in March 2006. On April 20, 2008, a Board election will be held. After that election it is intended to update the names and pictures of the current board.

On March 25, 2006, delegates from all over Montana converged on Bozeman to meet at the Comfort Inn. Their purpose - to elect a board of directors for the newly merged Montana United States Bowling Congress association. Seventeen directors were chosen. Laurel Walker (Rudyard) was elected president, Bert Stiles (Broadview) was chosen 1st Vice President, and Guy Rolison (Laurel) was elected 2nd Vice President. Laurel and Guy will serve two-year terms and Bert a one-year term. The state was divided into four districts with two representatives chosen from each district. Chosen from District 1 (West) were Ron Curtiss (Libby) and Sandy True (Thompson Falls). District 2 (North) selections were Fred Sadler (Great Falls) and Carol Flammond (Cut Bank). Representing District 3 (South Central) were Bob Shaw & Elaine Wilkinson (both from Whitehall) and District 4 (Southeast) reps are Jo Laughlin (Lewistown) and Greg McCannel (Billings). Two at-large directors were elected - Robyn Barker (Missoula) and Tom Brendgord (Great Falls) and four youth directors followed consisting of Shelly Ellis (Missoula), Pam Brendgord (Gt. Falls), Colleen Talbott (Butte) and Jane Crowder (Billings). Ron, Fred, Bob, Jo, Robyn, Shelly and Colleen will all serve two-year terms with Sandy, Carol, Elaine, Greg, Tom, Pam and Jane serving one-year terms. Roz Gallup (Billings) was selected Association Manager on July 22, 2006. She has a one-year contract.

These are the people who will lead Montana bowling into the new era.

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04/06/2018 - 04/08/2018  Pepsi YBC State Tournament
Butte  State Tournaments, Youth, Montana USBC 
09/21/2018 - 10/21/2018  State Senior Tournament
Thompson Falls  State Tournaments 
Comfort Suites Helena

Bowl Montana Proprietors Association

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